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Convermation Solutions - for communications providers Communication Service Providers today are faced with the challenge of maintaining and growing market share in an increasingly competitive and financially tight market. In the balancing act of revenue growth, cost reduction and quality assurance, Convermation offers a fresh approach to help even the scales.

Convermation understands Service Providers' needs to offer new innovative service offerings to increase revenue per customer, increase market share and enhance long term customer retention. We help service providers to meet these objectives by helping generate new revenue streams that align with an organization's unique network architecture, budgetary priorities, and strategic direction. Here are some solutions we can help with:

New Product Introduction Opportunities for Revenue Enhancement

  1. Hosted VoIP, IP Centrex, SIP Trunking
  2. Telepresence and HD Video Conferencing
  3. Unified Communication, Messaging and Presence Awareness
  4. Converged Conferencing and Collaboration Solutions
  5. WAN Failover and Resiliency Solutions

Network Growth Opportunities for Capacity Enhancement

  1. Network Architecture optimization for converged Voice, Data and Video
  2. Network Infrastructure construction (Fiber deployment and expansion, In-building solutions, DSLAM deployments)
  3. Wireless Access and Mesh Solutions (802.11x, 802.16x)

Business Process Optimization for Back Office Efficiency

  1. Process Assessment, Review, Re-engineering and Documentation
  2. Operational Support System Integration and Support
  3. Business Process and OSS Training and Support

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